If you are inspired to share your story or publish an article relating to mental health issues, let us know. Our community coordinator will work closely with you to help you develop and edit your ideas. Whether it's a research piece or a personal story, get in touch and we will help make it happen. Check out some of the stories that have been published so far.

  • Frequency Smequency,” by Lisa Mckaskell, published in the February 2014  edition of Student Health 101 and can be found on pages 7 & 8, explores the perameters of healthy sexual relationships, and understanding your own goals and desires with sexuality. 

  • Dealing with Anxiety: Hope for the Future,” by Amanda Ward, published in the March 2013 edition of Student Health 101, as well as in The Arthur, examines a students first-hand experiences with panic and anxiety disorders. Ward also explores useful coping mechanisms in hopes of helping others recognize the importance of seeking outside help.

  • Shedding Light on Eating Disorders: A Story of Recovery,” by Anna Currier, published in the January 28 edition of The Arthur,  gives an insightful look at the mental struggles that accompany eating disorders. By sharing her story, Currier hopes to help unpack common assumptions about eating disorders and inspire greater mindfulness of the topic.

  • Student Substance Abuse,” by Callum Haslam, published in the January 14 edition of The Arthur, examines the normalization of student alcoholism and its dangerous effects.

  • To Orlando and Beyond: Trent Active Minds.” Check out pages 7 – 9 of the January 2013 edition of Student Health 101 Magazine. TAM exec Mehran Monsef’s gives her account of TAM’s journey to the 2012 Active Minds conference in Orlando, Florida and her overall experiences with the organization.

TAM-Let’sTalkSummary Report2012. This report offers critical feedback as to how Trent and its student organizations can achieve greater success in mental health outreach initiatives and improve overall campus wellbeing. The feedback presented in this report was obtained from Trent students, alumni, faculty,administrative and support staff through activity, discussion, presentations, post-event evaluations and surveys offered on

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